Down quilt 180x200 cm RL67 with 1.8 kg

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A quilt filled with goose down and feathers creates a feeling of comfort and coziness. Down gives the quilt incredible softness, it perfectly warms and regulates temperature, creating a comfortable microclimate for sleep.


Size 180x200 cm
Fabric cotton
cotton 100%
Color beige
Filling goose down 70%
goose down and feathers
Filling weight 1.8 kg
Blanket type Winter
Intended for Adults
The quilt feels soft, light and fluffy. Down feathers create many air chambers that trap heat and create a soft, fluffy feeling. One of the features of quilts is their ability to retain heat while allowing the skin to breathe. The quilt feels warm without making you feel overheated. The higher the percentage of down, the warmer and airier the quilt, the higher the percentage of feather, the heavier and less warm it is. Since feathers, due to their design and a certain roughness, reduce the warming properties and make the quilt heavier.

Features of care:
Regardless of the filling, whether it is down or feather, the blanket must be carefully cared for and followed the recommendations.
This way it will last longer without losing quality and providing comfort during sleep.

1. Ventilate 1-2 times a month.
When you are in the fresh air, excess moisture is removed from the blanket, which is an environment for the development of harmful microorganisms.
2. Shake periodically, which will restore the blanket’s shape and refresh it.
Cleaning and care:
Duvets are quite demanding in terms of removing dirt. To avoid damage, it is important to dry clean as directed in the care instructions.

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