Sheep wool Premium quilt 150x200 cm RL598-150

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This quilt is the ideal solution for those who value comfort and naturalness. Thanks to wool fibers, the quilt provides good thermoregulation of the body.


Fabric cotton
cotton 100%
Color gray
Filling sheep wool
sheep wool 100%
Thickness 6 cm
Blanket type Universal
Intended for Adults

The wool blanket is soft and cozy. It soothes, improves blood circulation, and lulls you with dry, comfortable warmth. It easily absorbs moisture from the human body. At the same time, it dries quite quickly. It has the ability to thermoregulate and insulate - wool retains heat well in winter, so even in the most severe cold you will be warm under such a blanket. In summer, on the contrary, it will remain cool. A wool blanket is a real medicine for people suffering from radiculitis, headaches, pain in the joints, spine, muscle inflammation, urinary tract diseases, osteochondrosis, and allergies.

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